Managed Services & Maintenance Contracts

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In the new era where companies are having to do "more with less" Dakota provides a comprehensive pre & post sales support offering across a range of environments tailored to the requirements of our customers.



Dakota Managed Services

Our skilled team of technicians provide an outsourced managed service offering based around the following components:

  • Telephone helpdesk for 1st/2nd line support issues
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Advanced exchange functionality, replacing faulty devices with a fully configured unit to the clients specification
  • Inspect repair and test pass faulty devices, return to spares pool
  • Manage OEM warranty repair (manage T&M approval process if not warranty) track to return to spares pool
  • Pre-configuration services & "Gold Build" imaging such as APN settings, Remote Management loading, lock down screens etc
  • Remote monitoring of faulty / stolen devices via Mobile Device Management tools
  • Status reporting & management of devices against a defined asset register
  • Track device history and manage exceptions such as “ not repaired / same issues / no fault found”
  • Make best practice recommendations ongoing to maximise ROI and customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Call Plan (MCP)

Dakota's unique MCP scheme is a cost effective way of protecting your investment & providing peace of mind that your operations will not suffer as a result.

How it works

  • Vouchers are purchased & called off by the client in the instance of failure
  • Unike traditional maintenance contracts the vouchers have no expiry date
  • With pre-paid vouchers clients enjoy contracted response times, arranged around the clients requirements.

The voucher scheme can operate across scanners, PDA's & HHT's and thermal printers, all tailored around the clients requirements. To find out more, click here 


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